Health tip- Fix yellow hair

If your hair has turned that bright icky yellow after a bleaching session to go a lighter shade like platinum blonde then chances are the hair color transition was from a dark shade like black and the bleaching had to be stopped to avoid hair break out or hair fall. This probably gave you that yellow shade or maybe you were just born with it.

Now the yellow shade maybe on your entire hair or as patches depending upon the bleaching done.

Either way, you can easily fix it.

But before you use any of these tips, make sure your hair has regained it’s strength after going through that much excessive bleaching.




1) Bleach again

2) Mixture of lime and vinegar

3) Purple shampoo

4) Toners

5)  Hydrogen peroxide




1) This is the most obvious yet risky one. Use bleach to lighten the shade but DO NOT apply it immediately after the bleaching session or else the chances of your hair falling off is very high since your hair is already weak after the repeated bleaching and this will only cause excessive hair break out. Also keep in mind the amount of bleach you use depending on your hair strength and the lighter you want to go.

2) The perfect home remedy without any side effects on your hair is the mixture of lime and vinegar. Since time immemorial, this remedy has been used to lighten hair shades instead of bleach.  Mix 1 spoon of vinegar( apple cider vinegar preferably) with water( 1 gallon of water) and slowly rinse it through the yellow patches. Leave it on the hair for 10mins and then wash it off with shampoo and conditioner. Dry you hair and  you’d notice the colour is lightened. Repeat this process every 1-2 weeks until the desired shade is obtained.


3) Purple shampoo is one of the most recommended shampoos by hair dressers to remove yellow and other dark colours and retain the applied lighter shade. It is available in most of the beauty salons itself as well as online . Use this shampoo to remove the yellow taint and obtain that perfect platinum blonde.


4) Toners are another solution for removing the yellow from hair. After bleaching removes most of the darker shade from the hair, Toners are used to remove the yellow and reddish undertones from the hair to get that perfect glossy finish. It is used as a topcoat for the hair.

5) Hydrogen peroxide is another chemical solution for removing the yellow . It’s mixture in soluble quantities when applied on hair slowly erodes away the yellow colour and turns it white and light. This is but only used in smaller quantities and would be more applicable for yellow patches.  Use it with precaution as too much can cause burning on the scalp.


Now if none of these above tips give you complete satisfaction, you can always try going for a darker shade or maybe waiting it out a little as with time the yellow shade will fade away.