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Fix yellow hair

Health tip- Fix yellow hair

If your hair has turned that bright icky yellow after a bleaching session to go a lighter shade like platinum blonde then chances are the hair color transition was from a dark shade like black and the bleaching had to be stopped to avoid hair break out or hair fall. This probably gave you that yellow shade or maybe you were just born with it.

Now the yellow shade maybe on your entire hair or as patches depending upon the bleaching done.

Either way, you can easily fix it.

But before you use any of these tips, make sure your hair has regained it’s strength after going through that much excessive bleaching.


1) Bleach again

2) Mixture of lime and vinegar

3) Purple shampoo

4) Toners

5)  Hydrogen peroxide


1) This is the most obvious yet risky one. Use bleach to lighten the shade but DO NOT apply it immediately after the bleaching session or else the chances of your hair falling off is very high since your hair is already weak after the repeated bleaching and this will only cause excessive hair break out. Also keep in mind the amount of bleach you use depending on your hair strength and the lighter you want to go.

2) The perfect home remedy without any side effects on your hair is the mixture of lime and vinegar. Since time immemorial, this remedy has been used to lighten hair shades instead of bleach.  Mix 1 spoon of vinegar( apple cider vinegar preferably) with water( 1 gallon of water) and slowly rinse it through the yellow patches. Leave it on the hair for 10mins and then wash it off with shampoo and conditioner. Dry you hair and  you’d notice the colour is lightened. Repeat this process every 1-2 weeks until the desired shade is obtained.

3) Purple shampoo is one of the most recommended shampoos by hair dressers to remove yellow and other dark colours and retain the applied lighter shade. It is available in most of the beauty salons itself as well as online . Use this shampoo to remove the yellow taint and obtain that perfect platinum blonde.

4) Toners are another solution for removing the yellow from hair. After bleaching removes most of the darker shade from the hair, Toners are used to remove the yellow and reddish undertones from the hair to get that perfect glossy finish. It is used as a topcoat for the hair.

5) Hydrogen peroxide is another chemical solution for removing the yellow . It’s mixture in soluble quantities when applied on hair slowly erodes away the yellow colour and turns it white and light. This is but only used in smaller quantities and would be more applicable for yellow patches.  Use it with precaution as too much can cause burning on the scalp.

Now if none of these above tips give you complete satisfaction, you can always try going for a darker shade or maybe waiting it out a little as with time the yellow shade will fade away.

hair removal tips

Healthy hair removal tips and tricks

Hair removal is on of the most common procedures that women and men get done, it is also very expensive, time consuming and is a major health risk

Laser hair removal has been a tiny industry in itself since the late nineties, although it is a very quick method to get rid of that excess hair it is also one of the unhealthiest and can cause serious harm to our body if done on a regular basis. Laser removal results in the deterioration of skin and also leads to deadly diseases like skin cancer.  It wasn’t widely advertised as the procedure was time consuming and costly depending upon the hair quality and hair growth of the person.  Many  methods and techniques have been discovered and invented to remove hair from the body . Some of the most basic ones are shaving and waxing. But these methods are used for a temporary basis since the hair always grows back in a span of 3-4 weeks.  After which innovative methods like electrolysis and laser hair removal were introduced for a more permanent solution.

Laser hair treatment is the process of removing hair permanently by destroying the hair follicles deep inside the skin using a laser light or beam. The laser light is blue in color and this treatment was first carried out by only experienced doctors medical practitioners but now as the method has become more and more common and reliable, it is being made available in mini forms in markets and online as well so that people can use it in the comfort of their own houses.

Comparison of laser hair removal with other removal techniques

Sugar waxing



Sugar waxing

Its is the best way to remove your hair without any harmful side effects while leaving a smooth and radiant skin, it is totally organic and can be done practically anywhere and at anytime and is considered the healthiest way to remove excess hair.


It is the most common hair removal method which is mainly used by men for removing facial hair and by women to remove any underarm or leg hair. Shaving is done by gently gliding a razor over all the unwanted hairy parts of the body or face which removes the hair from the surface of the skin of that area. Since shaving provides only a surface hair-removal, the hair follicles tend to quickly regenerate and grow back much thicker. It can act as the quickest solution for hair removal but similarly grows back. Another disadvantage is that the new hair is quite pricky to touch.  It is cheap but only temporary as compared to laser which is a little bit on the costlier side but gives a permanent solution .


Another common hair removal method is waxing. It is pure painful but gives a much better result than shaving. Here, the hair is removed from its root by a series of wax and pulls.  The wax is heated and applied onto the hairy area. It is allowed to cool down for some time and then the wax coat on the skin is pulled away in the direction opposite to the hair growth . This removes the hair from its root and ensures a semi permanent hair removal. It is more time consuming and painful but the hair starts growing back only after 3-4 weeks and is much weaker. This is again a temporary solution as compared to laser which is permanent.

Solo Travel

Health Uplifting- Solo Travel

Taking care of your mental health is as important as taking care of your physical health. If you are mentally unhealthy then your physical health will automatically deteriorate as the food you eat won’t be digested properly and that will result in malnutrition. So it is as important to take care of your mental health as it is for the physical aspect. Don’t worry, we’ve got you all covered.  From packing, booking hostels, bargained flight tickets to setting out your minimum trip budget, implementing safety measures and finally over packing, everything happens by in such a rush.

Solo travelling is definitely a number 1 on the bucket list of every adventurous human being and it is one of the best ways to get your mental health back to the way it was. It’s frightening. A lot of things could happen but again in a more positive way a lot of crazy things could happen but don’t worry we will tell you all you need to know to take that Therapeutic solo trip so that you become a healthier individual mentally. By the end of the journey, you find out more about yourself than the world. You learn new things, you accept some changes and you reject some. The pros of solo travelling are just too many. From seeing new places, experiencing cultures and food habits to meeting new people and bravely facing anything that life throws at you, travelling solo is a must.

As you are our baby -traveller and we want to make sure that travelling solo becomes an enriching and soul filling experience for you, down below are a few tips and tricks that will help you right out.

Firstly, always carry your identity proof, passports etc with you at all times if you’re travelling abroad and otherwise.

Smile. It means the same in every language. This trait will always get you far.  Yet do know when to stop before you attract any creeps or look like one yourself.

Try and learn a few words of the local language in order to save yourself from any situation. English is generally understood everywhere but not all interiors.

Take day tours across the city or village. Find and learn new stuff along the way.

Indulge big heartedly in the local food tastes.

Save money by using public modes of transportation or even more preferable, walking.

Open up yourself to receive and learn new things. Embrace that extrovert in you. If you’re an introvert then try talking or initiating conversations with people about things you’d like to know about the place. This will definitely put you in a constant flow. Continue doing so, until it comes naturally every day.

Always keep in touch with your loved ones back home. They will keep you grounded and loved.

One of the most important aspects of travel that people tend to forget is medication that they may need along the way. If you have a chronic illness and need a supply of medication on a monthly basis, you need to make sure that you will have access to this medication whilst you are away. For example if you are travelling for 6 months but only have a 4 month supply of medication, you need to try and find a source of this medication for the remaining 2 months. In the past I have previously used online pharmacy Medicine Direct to get an emergency supply of medication whilst i was away travelling.

Lastly, be openly brave about the tiny negative things that could happen during the trip. This is all part of learning and growing.

Why Should You Take Care Of Your Health?

If your health is A-OK, you will actually be able to concentrate on so many things in life. You will actually not have to worry about whether your body can physically take the things that you will want to do. If your health ends up failing you, you will see how pivotal it is to your physical and mental existence on this planet. It will literally start overshadowing anything and everything that you do, and it will actually start affecting everything in your life indeed. Even minor health issues like aches, pains, indigestion and some uneasiness can actually become a considerable inconvenience, and it will make you question what the most important thing to you is.

When you are healthy, you can help others; you can contribute to the society, you will be able to do so many things that you never were able to do before. That is why; you should make a commitment to making yourself better and healthier no matter what. Healthier habits will indeed make your days much brighter and happier than they were before. It is particularly important that you never skimp out on caring about your health because of stress. Stressful situations are the ones that will actually push you towards the edge of either anger or sadness, you should be able to fight through it, and you should never let it take over your life because there are things that are important indeed. I will now talk about some healthy habits that will actually end up impacting you quite a bit.

  • You should be certain of your dietary habits, and you should always eat healthy no matter what happens. You should stay away from fats and carbohydrates as much as you can. Make promises to yourself that you will only eat things that will always contribute to your health and these foods should not add to your weight but must always make sure that your body is getting the right amount of nutrition and whatnot. A healthy diet equals a healthy body.
  • You should make sure that sleep is a priority. You should at least be getting 7-8 hours of sleep every single night. That is a must. You should also avoid caffeine after 4 pm because that stuff can literally keep you awake.
  • Make sure that you find habits and hobbies that will contribute to your health and make it better no matter what.
  • You should always keep an eye as to what goes into your body.
  • You should also surround yourself with people who take care of their bodies and those who are interested in being healthy and eating healthy as well.

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